Activyl For Dogs

Activyl Spot-on for Dogs is a topical ectoparasiticide containing the pro-insecticide indoxacarb. It is the only flea treatment to benefit from metabolic activation (bioactivation). Activyl is metabolised to its highly active form by flea enzymes following contact or (primarily) ingestion. This technology has benefits beyond pest control, minimising unnecessary chemical exposure to the pet, their family and household.


Activyl treats more than just adult fleas – it is also effective against all developing life stages in the immediate environment of the pet. Therefore, it breaks the flea life cycle to keep pets, plus the households they live in, free of fleas.


Activyl remains effective after swimming and shampooing from 48 hours following application. It should be applied every 4 weeks to maintain its efficacy.

Activyl is quick-drying and fragrance free. Activyl is presented in child resistant packaging.

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