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  1. All your personal information is secure and will not be passed on to anyone. In the unlikely event of fraud we will pass the fraudulent orders including shopper details onto the relevant authorities (police, banks and such) for further investigation.
  2. Whatever information you enter in the "ship to" section of the order will appear on the shipping label. If you wish to have your phone number kept private, please remove it from the "ship to" section and only leave it in the "billing section" as we many need to contact you should something unexpected come up with your order. If the invoice needs to reflect pet names for insurance purposes, please enter the pets name in the name field as invoices are not issued with the items (invoices are emailed as an attachment).
  3. If you have not received an immediate order confirmation in your mailbox, chances are you have accidentally typed in an incorrect address. A simple , instead of a . makes a huge difference. Spaces too are very common and result in a failure to receive a confirmation. If you have entered an incorrect email add during the order process, unfortunately we cannot change it. You will have to log into your account and amend it. Also please check your spam / trash as the confirmation goes there too depending on your mailbox settings. Mailbox settings regard us as spam too, and this is common, resulting in no correspondence from us at all.
  4. Feel free to email us if you had trouble at the checkout asking if the order has come through as we regularly update the status of your order and would hate you to think that there is no communication on our end. Technology comes with glitches every now and then. If you see that money has been paid but no order has been processed contact us immediately so we can sort it out. Threats will not be tolerated. We have no hidden agendas and offer complete refunds. Allow 3 working days for refunds please.
  5. Prices are quoted in AUD. If an error relates to pricing, we will unfortunately have to cancel and re-credit or re-bill all in/complete orders. We will not issue the goods at the erroneous price. You will be notified as soon as the mistake has been noticed. If somehow your order is under the $22.50 minimum and it comes through, we will have to cancel and refund the order as we have a minimum purchase buy of $22.50 excluding postage. If you wish to purchase many of an item on special, please check with us how many we have on hand as we will issue the number we have at the special price but the rest will be charged at the new rate.
  6. Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. Please read the product descriptions prior to purchase. If you are unsure, please feel free to browse the manufacturers web site as well for product info. Please email us if you have any questions as typographical errors are possible and many companies take out new packaging/new designs for their trusted products. Manufacturers change the name of foods as well as bag sizes every now and then. We ourselves only find this out if it is brought to our attention. The person packing your order has no idea. As soon as we know the new name/size we amend the listing to reflect it. If you are due for a credit, we will credit the product & / postage accordingly. If you are purchasing a few of the same item for one pet, please ask for the expiry date. Most of our shoppers have a few pets and go through a few of the same product easily. We as a store do not know your situation and would like to ensure you have the best expiry date. We do not have any control over the stock we receive, and hence the expiry date. We will at our own discretion mark items posted or picked up with the store logo/details.
  7. All the product information listed has no assurance at all and should not replace trained veterinary care. We take no accountability for any reliance on any of our listed products. Any misuse or abuse of products and the subsequent result will be solely your responsibility. Please be sure about the products you are purchasing making sure they are what you want regardless of where / what category we have them listed on the website (our listing is as a guide only). Items purchased and then "change of mind" will be the purchaser’s responsibility.
  8. OVEDS offers a 7 working day money-back guarantee (less shipping costs) provided the goods are returned in a saleable condition and are unused, in the original undamaged box including all original packing and inclusions. If we have sent the wrong item or the order is incomplete, we will ask for photos to be emailed exactly the way the box/package was received. We will require a batch # as well so we can tick it against our stock. Clearance items or sale items cannot be returned. Pickups - your order has to be properly checked by yourself or the person picking up as we will not entertain queries regarding incorrect amounts/sizes once the order has left the premises. If you have received your order and something is incorrect or missing, you have 48 hours to bring it to our attention please (we will use the tracking # to verify the delivery date). We will not entertain queries after that time frame as it makes it questionable. Please note that if spouses, friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues or anyone but yourself is accepting the order (because you are travelling or for other personal reasons), they need to open it, check it against what you ordered and be aware of what is meant to be inside and raise the alarm immediately if it is accidentally incorrect so that we can rectify it as soon as possible. We will no longer entertain queries after the 48hour time frame.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse the return of items that are returned incomplete or damaged in any way. The purchaser is required to pay all shipping/insurance costs incurred in returning items to OVEDS except in instances where the goods arrived faulty or the incorrect product was shipped by OVEDS. If the item/s you received does not have the expiry date you want, and you did not email us asking for the item/s date/s prior to placing your order, you will be responsible for the postage costs to have it sent back to us. The item we sent you will def. not be expired nor will it be expiring for at least a good few months, so as far as we are concerned, the item is well within the use by date. Each shoppers circumstance is different and we do not know your pet/s dosages etc. Ask us for dates if this is a concern of your before you place the order please.
  10. To arrange for the return of any item please email us to obtain the return shipping address and procedure. No responsibility will be taken for uninsured goods returned and items lost in transit to us. Products must be returned within 7 working days to receive a refund. Please note: 7 working days are counted from the day the item is in the purchases possession (checked from the tracking data). So if you intend on using the product/s in a months time or longer please check your order, including all types of bagged food (please open and check the contents as well as if it’s the correct item), as soon as it arrives as we will not provide any refunds after the 7 days (in the case of foods, we have no assurance as to how they were stored at your premises). Please know that our supplier/s will ask for pictures of the item/s in question, including expiry dates and batch #s, do not throw the item/s away till a resolution has been reached. If you have made a purchase, check your billing statement against your order and the items received. We will not correct or refund orders that are longer than 7 days in possession of the purchaser. It makes it questionable. Please note: The Hill's Prescription and Royal Canin palatibility guarantee will not be honored if you purchase from us, an online store, rather than your pet’s veterinarian. You are purchasing it from this store based on price/convenience. Our suppliers do not take back the open bags of food. No refunds will be issued by us, our suppliers, Hill's or Royal Canin in this instance.
  11.  If you are making a purchase to be sent overseas, please know that we have nothing to do with it if anything goes wrong at the overseas destination. We have shipped the item to an Australian address and that is our concern. Postage costs to have items sent back for whatever reason are all the shoppers responsibility. Dates and times are calculated from the time it reaches the Australian address not the overseas address.
  12. Vaccine purchases: *** THIS PURCHASE IS AT MY OWN RISK *** I have read the ts & cs and accept all the risks associated with the online purchasing and shipping of vaccinations. We try to dispatch the longest available exp date that our suppliers have on hand. If you require something specific, please email us asking for dates before you place the order as we cannot change it with the supplier once our order reaches them. I also acknowledge that if my listing does not already include an esky & cold pack, I have to separately purchase a cold pack & esky (available for purchase, please use the search engine of the store to find the listing) and select express post (recommended so the vaccines are still viable when they reach you). Please use Aus Post web site to see if you are in the express or next day zone from our suburb, 4112. Once it leaves us, we do not know how or where Aus Post stores the item during transit. If you select insurance, please confirm with Aus Post what the insurance covers for an item like this. Please note all express orders will require a signature at delivery. If you include a customer note to leave the order in a safe place they will not leave it and you will have to pick it up from the post office if you are left with a card in your mailbox. We advise you track the progress of the item as we do provide you with the tracing # as soon as its packed. If I do not purchase the cold pack or esky and do not select express post, the vaccines will be sent via standard mail, without refrigeration, at my (purchases) own risk. If you would like to add an extra ice brick to the order, they are available for purchase. Please type it into the search engine of the store. Any cancellations to vaccine orders that are successfully placed online & have not been dispatched, will attract a cancellation fee. No returns, exchanges or refunds for vaccines already dispatched, as per terms at the checkout. Vaccines will only be dispatched on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing over a Thursday or Friday because of the risk of them going off in transit. It is your responsibility to contact us if you are purchasing a large amount of vaccines and require specific dates.
  13. All orders will leave our premises within 1 - 3 working days (Express Post included - unless otherwise notified) following receipt of payment for your order. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for QLD are not counted as working days. If you have not received your items within the suggested 10-15 working days (rough timeframe/guideline) for delivery that Aust Post / Fast Way advises, please check your local post office/depot. It might be sitting there waiting for collection/re delivery. From what we see each day, not all posties/drivers actually card items waiting for collection. If that fails and still no items arrive, then please email us and we will look into it for you. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Beaudesert and others, Fast Way is who we use for most of your orders as they claim to have a quicker delivery window, being local. We will however, use either carrier at our own discretion to any location. Express Post-please ensure your location is next day delivery esp. for vaccines as some locations are NOT next day delivery. Check Aust Post web site from post code Mansfield. We are at liberty to use either company for delivery. When the site was developed a few years ago, Aust Post was our only mail contractor. As the business is growing steadily, as well as Aust Posts rates, we had to reassess our options to keep things cost effective for YOU, hence the introduction of Fast Way from July 2013. We DO NOT USE SATCHELS for either company. We do NOT USE NORMAL MAIL either. All items are boxed properly and have a label stuck on them and requires a signature on delivery.
  14.  All items posted are not insured unless you have purchased the insurance option at the checkout. If you do not require a signature, feel free to leave a "customer note" but please note this is at your own risk as items sent are not insured. We are not responsible for items or orders that are lost/damaged/misplaced by the postal/courier service that do not have insurance on them. Do not email us automatically expecting us to reissue an item or order that was damaged or lost in transit that was uninsured. You were aware that insurance was not included, clearly advised at the checkout and did not knowingly take out extra cover (the option to purchase extra cover was available at the checkout). If you do happen to open an investigation with Aus Post or Fast Way regarding an UNINSURED order, please know that we, OVEDS, will not process any claims as insurance was not taken out. This has to be dealt with the postal or courier company and does not involve us. If you have opted to pay for insurance at the checkout, none of this applies to you. Your case will be opened and investigated. A tracking number is provided at the time of dispatch so that you can follow the progress of your order. Please don’t expect us to follow up on your orders because you are "the shopper". You the shopper should take responsibility for your purchase as well. We have honoured your order within our timeframes, all you have to do is follow it up with the relevant company. It is not fair for us to be following up on orders just because you don't want to. 
  15.  If items are sent back to us because you did not collect it from the post office/depot for whatever reason you will have to pay postage again. We have dispatched the goods and Aust Post/Fast Way has done their bit in trying to deliver it. It’s no longer our problem. We cannot guarantee delivery times or give ETAs. Once it leaves our warehouse it is no longer in our hands and we will not be responsible for parcels that arrive later than expected. Please shop in advance to avoid disappointments. All orders are properly packed and boxed and leave our warehouse in excellent condition. Please ensure you have typed out a postal correct address. We have an automatic label creator that creates the label exactly as it is received. Any RTS (return to senders) that we receive because of incorrect typing of mailing addresses will result in you paying for postage again. The error was made by you, not us or Australia Post / Fast Way.
  16. Picks ups please note: If you have opted to pay for the order online and have not applied the pick up code correctly and have paid for postage, do not proceed with the order if postage is paid, as the order will then be posted. We cannot cancel this process and you will not be able to pick-up your order. If you cancel or ask for a refund to resubmit the order, you will attract a credit card cancellation fee of 3% as we have already incurred the credit card surcharge for your initial attempt. If you still want to pick up an order that has postage paid and require a postage refund there will be a surcharge of 1.5% for the postage refund.
  17. The system does not work out postage for out of stock items. If items come back in stock they will be sent out with no extra cost. If you need a refund the products will be refunded only.

Your tracking no/consignment # is provided in the status update from us and your invoice is sent as an attachment in that email.

Please note: our T's & Cs apply to all orders/pickups.

Happy shopping :)
The team @ OVEDS