Gallagher Satellite Liquid Monitoring System - G95000

1st yr subs Included. Can also be used for other fluids.

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Gallagher Satellite Liquid Monitoring System - G95000

Please see videos below for system unboxing, installation and activation.

Can also be used for diesel and fuel tanks, liquid fertiliser, dams, and troughs.

The Gallagher G95000 Satellite Liquid Monitoring system uses low-power and secure satellite connection to capture tank level information and sends it to your phone via text or email alerts.

As a satellite orbits the earth and passes over your device, it will collect up to four (4) "reads" a day.

On your app, you'll then see your tank level data that was captured when the satellite passed over and collected a "read".

First year subscription is included with the purchase of the device. An active satellite connection is required to use the device and fees will apply after the first year. App powered by Gasbot.

  • The G95000 connects to a satellite in orbit four times a day and uploads the data to the cloud.
  • Regular tank-level updates sent straight to your phone.
  • Customize your alert levels for you and your team to get notified if any unexpected events occur.
  • Includes one-year subscription on the first purchase (Needs to be renewed annually afterwards at $90+GST per unit).
  • Easy to install and activate all-in-one water tank monitoring system.
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Gallagher Satellite Water Monitoring system uses Gasbot’s cutting-edge wireless sensor technology to provide timely information on the water levels in tanks, enabling farmers to make informed decisions about water usage and management. The system uses satellite communications to transmit data from the tanks to the farmer’s mobile phone, providing easy access to tank information even in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

The system is not limited to water tanks but can also be used for diesel and fuel tanks, liquid fertiliser, dams, and troughs. It also minimises the need for manual tank readings, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, by automatically alerting farmers when water levels are low.

G95000 Features

  • Your reliable ‘eye in the sky’

Secure and reliable satellite connection is ideal for properties where cellular or Wi-Fi communications are weak or unavailable.

  • Tank level monitoring your way

Get alerted to low and high levels. Customize your alerts and find out if levels are dropping faster than expected, allowing you to intervene when an issue is identified.

  • Monitor any on-farm liquids

This system can read the tank levels of any on-farm liquid, including fuel, fertilizer, and water

  • Notify the entire team

Add multiple mobile numbers or email addresses to receive the alerts.

  • Monitor as many tanks as you need

The app can monitor multiple tanks - simply install a device to each tank and activate using the same account.(Note: Extra subscriptions may be required)

  • Engineered for ruggedness and reliability

The device is fully waterproof and covered to protect against pests and the environment. Operates between -40 to 80 C (-40 F to +175 F).

Includes a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Save time and money by reducing unnecessary water runs

Check the app on your phone for tank levels and know exactly how much water you have available

Whats in the kit:

  • Protection Cover
  • Universal Monitor (Micro-satellite)
  • 3-meter Liquid Level Sensor
  • Cable Management Mounting Base

Gallager Support Number :- 1800 425 524

Video :- Unboxing the Gallagher Satellite Water Monitoring System


Video :- How to: Install the Satellite Liquid Monitoring System


Video :- How to: Activate the Satellite Water Monitoring System


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