Sashas Blend Powder - 250gm

Sashas Blend Powder - 250gm

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Sashas Blend™ contains 100% all natural marine concentrates and works at the site of joint problems by treating the illness not the symptoms and being #1 selling veterinary product in Australasia for the past three years, its reputation as the premium Joint Health & Arthritis treatment speaks for itself!

Sashas Blend™ is now one of the best researched joint health treatments in the world!!

The unique all natural Sashas Blend™ formula possesses anti-inflammatory actives which reduces inflammation in a non invasive method with no side effects. It promotes the growth of healthy cartilage and conditions the joints by helping maintain the fluid (known as Synovial Fluid) that cushions joints. The Synovial fluid is important for healthy joint function as it provides lubrication to the joint, supplies nutrients to the cartilage, provides impact protection for the joint and removes waste from the cartilage. Sashas Blend™ also suppresses the production of Nitric Oxide which is a major chemical produced responsible for pain and the breakdown of a healthy joint.

Sashas Blend™ also contains the full range of GAGS (glycosaminoglycans) including Keratin, Dermatin, Heparin sulphates and the commonly known Glucosamine & Chondroitin sulphates which provide the necessary nutrients required to stimulate healthy joint function.

Active Constituents: Stablised Green Lipped Mussel 150g, Abalone 50g, Shark Cartilage 50g.

Admiistration: Mixed well with food or drink.

Dosage: Dogs: up to 10kg; 1/2 teaspoon daily. 11 to 20kg; 3/4 teaspoon daily. 21-30 kg; 1 level teaspoon daily. 31-40 kg; 1 1/4 teaspoons daily. 41-50kg; 1 1/2 teaspoons daily.

Note: give half the recommended dose for the first week of use.

1 x 250g tub contains approx 110 level teaspoons of powder. This will last a 20kg dog approximately 145 days! Compared with other joint health products, Sasha's Blend is very cost effective.

Why was Sasha's Blend developed?

Sasha had always been an active dog. At eleven years of age she began to show signs of ageing and wear and tear on joints became evident. After consultation with veterinarians and lengthy research and field trials, Sasha's Blend was developed.This natural supplement has helped Sasha maintain her mobility and quality of life

How do I give it to my pet?

Sashas Blend is easy to give your pet. It is in powder form and pets generally love the taste. Depending on the weight of your pet for instance a 30kg dog would need one teaspoon of powder mixed with food or drink once a day. For the first week we recommend start on half the dose and then build up to the full dose.

What if my pet does not eat his food with Sashas Blend™ in it?

If giving a dry food diet, or your pet is a fussy eater, mix the powder with moist food or liquid or roll into a treat eg: bread/ham/cheese.

If this fails mix into a paste as follows:

Spoon a weeks worth into a cup and mix into a dry paste with a little olive oil or natural yoghurt. Roll into balls and store in an airtight jar in the fridge. These then can be given directly into the mouth or more easily hidden in food or a treat.

Can I bake treats that include Sashas Blend™?

NO YOU CANNOT!! Sorry, but the actives are very, very delicate and are damaged by any heating in food and or water above 30ºC.

If your pet won’t eat it mixed in with their food then make it into balls and hide it in a treat . You can add it to warm food (below 30ºC) just before serving but please don’t cook it in anything.

How long does it take to work?

There should be improved joint function and restoration of mobility within two to four weeks of taking Sashas Blend™.

In some animals a positive effect can be seen in as little as three days. In chronic cases it may take up to two months to see a significant improvement.

Can Sashas Blend™ be used in pregnant animals?

Sashas Blend is not recommended for use in pregnant animals.

Allergy precuations

Do not give to your animals that have an allergy to shellfish or marine product


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